Mo Daviau's Every Anxious Wave

You find out your bedroom closet is hiding a worm hole that allows you to travel anywhere in time. You start going back in time to see music concerts you missed or those you want to see again. That's the reality for Karl Bender. He discovers this worm hole while looking for his missing boot. It's a discovery that changes his life forever.

After telling his best friend about the worm hole, the pair start making plenty of money. Unfortunately, Karl accidentally sends Wayne to 980 instead of 1980 and this causes a major issue. In order to travel back, electricity is necessary and there is no electricity in 980. Wayne begs Karl to find an astrophysicist to help get him home.

Karl's quest is tough as his is a story that's too absurd to believe, but Lena Geduldig gives him a chance and discovers he's telling the truth. While working on the problem at hand, Lena and Karl begin to fall in love as they also travel back in time. The problem is the temptation to change the past is too tempting. Doing so could destroy everything they've found if they're not careful.

Part romance, part sci-fi, and a dose of music history tossed in for fun, Every Anxious Wave ended up being a unique book. At first I feared Mo Daviau's novel would be a little too much of The Time Traveler's Wife for my liking, but it wasn't. It was funny, sad, endearing, and thought provoking all at once, and the romance, while there, does not overshadow anything.

If you're looking for something different, give Every Anxious Wave a try. It's a February 9, 2016 release from St. Martins.


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