Safe Harbor Medical Series #17 - The Would-Be Daddy

If you're new to Jacqueline Diamond's Safe Harbor Medical Series, each book stands alone. However, you may find yourself wanting to read up on the other townspeople and staff members at Safe Harbor, so don't be surprised if you feel that urge to start binge reading.

The Would-Be Daddy packs a special surprise. Debbie Macomber's short story My Funny Valentine is included.

Staff psychologist and foster mother Franca Brightman is sad, furious, and frustrated after she watches her foster daughter go off with the girl's biological mother, a drug dealer who got out of jail on a technicality. Franca was moments from adopting the young girl when Bridget abruptly changed her mind. Franca's given Jazz an amazing life for two years, and she is certain Jazz's mother will not do the same, especially when Bridget failed to show up for visitation repeatedly.

Dr. Marshall Davis is still reeling from the sudden announcement that his cousin is really his brother. Plus, Marshall's mother refuses to speak to him after learning he knows she and her husband adopted him when he was a toddler. He turns to Franco to both offer and receive the support they each crave.

Working together on a new support group requires Marshall and Franca to spend a lot of time together. When that time ends up in a one-night stand and pregnancy, there's no doubt that both want this child, but how are they going to make the relationship work?

One of the more touching Safe Harbor Medical series in a while, I found myself tearing up on more than one occasion. Realistically, there are several stories at play. You have Franca, the little girl she thought she would raise for life, and the girl's birth mother. In itself, that's a pretty complex and emotional story. Then there is Marshall's coming to terms with the truth of his birth and upbringing. Finally, the romance between Franca and Marshall is equally emotional. I couldn't put it down..

The Would-Be Daddy comes out tomorrow. Look for it where Harlequin romances are sold.


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