My Take on The Scoop on Good Grammar

When I'm not reading, keeping up with housework, or cooking the family meals, I work for a company helping with the relaunch of a travel website. I spend a huge portion of my day editing blogs, articles, and blurbs. The lack of grammar skills I've encountered, especially when I'm hiring writers, is always upsetting. I understand it though. My own daughter's teacher once told me they are not focusing as heavily on grammar because "spellcheck programs do it for today's kids." That statement still upsets me.

Margie Blumberg has come up with an intuitive guide to help people with grammar. It starts with the basics, such as what is an adverb, and progresses into the more complex stuff. Have you ever stumbled with when to use a colon? Does noun-verb agreement create a stumbling block you cannot overcome? The Scoop on Good Grammar is here to help. It's written in an easy to follow manner and has quizzes and pop culture references to help the material sink in.

Now, there are other books out there that I love, so I can't say this is my favorite grammar guide, but it takes a close second to books Grammar Girl has written. If you need to start from the very beginning with sentence structure, Margie Blumberg's is the far better choice.

Find The Scoop on Good Grammar at retailers like and It's an August 2015 release from MB Publishing, so you won't have to wait long to receive your own copy!


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