Bob's Burgers: Medium Rare (Comic Collection Featuring the Characters From the Awesome TV Show)

I love Bob's Burgers. If you haven't caught the television series, it's quirky and very honest. I totally get Linda!

Bob's Burgers: Medium Rare is a collection of comic strips involving the characters and written by the show's staff. It's no surprise to friends and family that Louise is my favorite character. She never fails to make me laugh. It's probably not surprising that my two favorite strips in this book involved her. Her discovery of a surprise in her family's basement and her experience with time while riding a carnival ride were great.

Gene is a typical boy. He's into toilet humor and that also shined through in Bob's Burgers: Medium Rare. His talent for poetry takes the stage in this collection. That leads to Tina - the boy-obsessed teen daughter of Bob and Linda Belcher. Tina's comics revolve around movies, always around boys.

This collection combines stories from the five main characters, with appearances from customers, friends, and family. I didn't find it as entertaining as the television show. I never felt drawn in and involved in the characters' lives. Perhaps this was because stories jumped around. Louise's Unsolved Mysteries and Curious Curiosities: The Ride was in two parts, and it took a while to get back to the rest of the story. The same thing happened with other comics/stories. In the end, I would have preferred to have my stories in one shot without impatiently working my way through other stories first.

Bob's Burgers: Medium Rare came out in November 2015. Find it in retailers selling Dynamite Comics.


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