A Heroine Who Won't Take Abuse: Read Home to Cedar Branch

Brenda Bevans Remmes creates a strong, determined heroine in Home to Cedar Branch. I've read books and seen movies where heroines stay in abusive relationships for the stupidest reasons. Therefore, I was delighted to meet Katy. When her husband does the unthinkable, she leaves. She heads to her brother's home in Cedar Branch to start a new life.

When her affair with her doctor ends in tragedy, Katy knows she must get out of the town. Though it means uprooting her children, Katy moves them to North Carolina. Her brother is willing to house them while Katy works at a local cafe and gets her life back in order. Her husband, however, may not be as willing to let Katy move on.

There is a lot to like in Home to Cedar Branch. The characters are fun, and none of them made the stupid decisions that made me want to stop reading. One character really stands out - the fry cook at The Quaker Cafe. She's a hoot! I wouldn't mind seeing more of her in the future.

Home to Cedar Branch came out on January 19, 2016. The Lake Union Publishing release is available at Amazon.com.


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