Summer on Lover's Island - Cute Romance That Left Me With One Minor Complaint

Maine may not be my home, but it should be. Yearly trips to Bailey Island, Saco, Ogunquit, Wells, or York have been going on for as long as I can remember. I love it there and always feel sad when it's time to leave. Donna Alward's Jewell Cove novels always take me back to the coast, even if I'm not really there. The setting in Summer on Lover's Island is just part of this romance's allure.

Lizzie Howard's fast-lane lifestyle has gotten the best of her. She's in Jewell Cove to temporarily take over for her best friend Charlie who is weeks away from giving birth. As one of the town's two doctors, Charlie knows a replacement is necessary and she thinks Lizzie is perfect for the job. Lizzie, however, is used to the fast pace of an ER, so this is only temporary.

The other doctor at the family practice, Dr. Josh Collins, proves to be a tempting way to spend her personal time. Lizzie knows she's playing with fire, after all her last relationship with a doctor didn't work out well. However, Josh brings out a side of Lizzie that is exciting, new, and definitely enticing. Can she keep her career and romance separate this time?

For the most part, I enjoyed watching Lizzie and Josh, both haunted by their past, cope with a growing relationship bordering on a word they'd never dared embrace - love. There are sneak peeks into the lives of other Jewell Cove characters, such as Jess (Treasure on Lilac Lane), Charlie (Christmas at Seashell Cottage) , and Abby (The House on Blackberry Hill).

Despite this, I found myself bothered by one detail. At a gathering, Lizzie discusses the circumstances involving one patient's medical issues. For someone who was on leave from the ER where she worked, I would have expected her to be overly cautious with her medical career. Discussing a patient with others is against HIPAA privacy laws. When she started discussing her patient in front of all Josh's extended family, I was a little stunned, even if this was a fictional book. It made me a little disgusted with her character and Josh's too. I kept reading, but by that point, I'd lost respect for this fictional character and that was enough to make what could have been an excellent read into just an okay one.


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