Sophie Littlefield - The Guilty One

I loved author Sophie Littlefield's House of Glass and Garden of Stones. Her August 2015 Gallery Books release, The Guilty One, is another thought-provoking novel.

Housewife and mother Maris never expects her world to turn upside down. Since her daughter's murder, her marriage is done. Her sister is expecting her to move in, but Maris doesn't know what she wants. Getting through each day is a challenge enough. When the father of the young man who allegedly killed Maris's daughter calls her from the Golden Gate Bridge, Maris drives to the bridge to stop him from killing himself.

This kicks Maris into action. She leaves her home, heads out on her own, and ends up in an area that's nothing like people would expect of her. She also ends up befriending people who are not people Maris would usually associate with. As she spends time with this new crowd, in a new area, Maris is able to find herself.

I cannot say I liked The Guilty One as much as I liked House of Glass, but it is equally thought-provoking and had me wondering how I would handle that situation. I cannot imagine having to pick up the pieces if I was in Maris's shoes, or from the other POV, as the alleged murderer's father. Both are tough situations. One thing became certain, Sophie Littlefield has now intrigued me with three books, and she's clearly an author I need to pay attention to.


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