Nine Lives: One Unique Town and One Troublesome Death

Wendy Corsi Staub is back with the debut of a new mystery series. After her husband dies, Bella Jordan and her young son have no choice but to pack up and head for Chicago to live with Bella's late husband's mother. Their trip takes a bit of a detour thanks to car problems, and Bella and Max end up in the small New York town of Lily Dale, a town populated by mediums.

In Lily Dale, things seem too good to be true. Bella is offered a job managing a local inn, as the owner's mysterious death has left everyone reeling. With no one to take over the inn during the town's busy season, they need Bella. Her son's already made a friend, the inn's pregnant cat seems to have bonded with him, and this offer does seem too good for Bella to pass up, so she accepts. It quickly becomes apparent that Leona's death was no accident, and the killer's not done yet.

Nine Lives did keep me guessing. I had the killer pegged wrong, and that's something I do enjoy. Many mysteries do not fool me, so I'm left feeling a little let down because I solved it long before the authorities. In this case, I had my suspicions but they led me down the wrong path.

Quirky characters fill the pages of this Crooked Lane Books October 2015 release. There's Bella, a woman a little afraid of her own shadow after her husband's death. The men Bella meets make for great romantic potential in future books. Even the cat is developed into a bit of an enigma. Combine the characters with the charming town of Lily Dale, and it makes for a fun cozy mystery. Can't wait for the next.


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