Jackie Bouchard's Rescue Me, Maybe

Released in August 2015, Rescue Me, Maybe shares the tale of Jane Bailey. Newly widowed, Jane is embarrassed to say that it's her beloved beagle she misses more than her husband. She's hiding that she fell out of love with him some time ago. Her mother-in-law takes over the funeral, doing things Ryan would have hated, and Jane doesn't have the energy to fight. The loss of her beagle has left her empty.

Philadelphia was Ryan's plan, so Jane's heading back to San Diego where her friends and former life are. She agrees, albeit a bit begrudgingly, to stop in Prescott, Arizona, and help run her aunt and uncle's bed and breakfast while they go across country. Two things happen. One, during her trip, Jane finds a beautiful stray, even though a replacement dog is the last thing she needs. Two, Jane finds herself enjoying Prescott, even if the guests are generally pains in the butt and the hunky handyman next door is getting on her nerves. As much as she finds herself fitting in, she knows this is only a temporary stop.

I enjoyed this book, In fact, when my pets woke me up at 1:30 a.m., I opted to finish it rather than try to go back to sleep. This is always a good sign. I liked Jane, though her mother-in-law was an unbearable character who drove me batty. I liked Jane's father-in-law, and really enjoyed the people she becomes friends with in Prescott. By the time the book ended, I wasn't really ready for it to end and hope Jane might find herself in another book in the future as I'd like to know how she's doing.

Jackie Bouchard gets one thing so perfectly that I found myself snickering. Some of the guests who barge into Jane's kitchen struck me as very realistic. In fact, a few of them reminded me of a situation I witnessed. My husband and I went to our favorite restaurant for our anniversary. The couple next to us started complaining to the waiter that the man was lactose intolerant, so they needed a list of ingredients put into the mashed potatoes because he really wanted mashed potatoes and refused to have the rice or baked potato. The waiter did an amazing job stating there was butter and sour cream in the mashed, and the guy threw a fit saying he wanted mashed and that the chef should make a dairy-free batch for him. This same couple then went to the salad bar, got their salad, and returned. The man had taken the creamy peppercorn dressing (white and creamy) and hoped their was no dairy in it. At that point, we knew he was being a jerk. In the book, Jane gets some equally frustrating guests. I loved one scene and cheered her on!


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