I Don't Walk to Talk About It - A Touch Predictable, Yet Still Very Satisfying

Jane Lovering's latest entry to her Yorkshire Romances series brings readers into the heart of an area that is near and dear to me. It's the area where my own Mum grew up and where many relatives still live. The setting of I Don't Want to Talk About It intrigued me. In fact, the characters did too. The only downfall is that I knew what was going on from a few chapters in, so one of the big surprises wasn't much of a surprise at all.

Her boyfriend (Dan) gave an ultimatum that Winter Gregory couldn't face - him or her twin sister. With that, she packed up her things and rented a cottage in a small village in Yorkshire. There, she hopes to finish the work on her new book without Dan in her way. The problem is that in addition to being her boyfriend, Dan is also Winter's editor.

While photographing gravestones, Winter is interrupted by a precocious young girl whose mother died. Scarlet seems desperate for a female role model, and Winter admits she's intrigued by Scarlet's uncle Alex, so she begins spending time with the eight year old. Soon, Winter finds herself falling for Alex. Despite, this, Winter really hasn't had the closure she needs with Dan, and it's going to take more focus than Winter believes she has to decide which path to choose.

The big secret that led to the breakup between Dan and Winter wasn't much of a secret to me. I did find it pretty predictable. That said, I loved Scarlet's character. She's a smart, albeit emotionally damaged little girl that I wanted to take under my wing. I also liked Alex who is trying his best, but his own emotional struggles get int he way. Then there is Winter, who again is likable, and I found myself hoping that she could come to terms with her past and move on with Alex. I really liked Alex and Winter together.

There are still surprises in store for the reader. This may have strong romantic leanings, but there's a lot of character study involved. I ended up enjoying every page of this Choc Lit novel and am so glad I read it.


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