One Nor'Easter Changes Lives in This Holiday Romance

A St. Martin's Paperbacks October 2015 Release

Here's another Christmas romance to get you in a holiday mood. The small town of Jewell Cove is in the midst of a Nor'Easter and Officer Todd Ricker is out patrolling the snowy roads to ensure no one is stranded. He does come across a stranded traveler and brings him to the only inn that might have room left. By the time Todd and his new passenger arrive at Evergreen Inn, he cannot get home either, so innkeeper Lainey Price offers to let him spend the night on her sofa in her carriage house.

The pair have known each other for a long time, and Todd's never given Lainey the time of day. Todd may still be a hottie, but Lainey no longer cares. Christmas is here, and Lainey has other things on her mind anyway. And, none of her plans involve having any holiday spirit or attempting a second chance at love.

Christmas at Evergreen Inn is a holiday novella. It's short and sweet and really won't take many readers more than an hour or two to finish. I love the novellas that come out at this time of the year. They fit perfectly in between cooking tasks, gift wrapping, and holiday excursions.

I liked Todd's character. Lainey's was a little less enjoyable, only because she lingered on her past too much, and I'm the type that would have been like "It's your loss, I'm moving on!" When a heroine lingers and mopes, I find myself annoyed.

This is the second Jewell Cove novel I've read. The setting is my favorite part of these romances. I love this town and can't wait to return.


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