Disillusioned Hero Meets Determined Caregiver Heroine and Loses His Heart

Harlequin/MIRA September 2015 Release

Have you seen Hilary Swank's emotional movie You're Not You? In essence, Emmy Rossum's character in that movie reminded me a bit of Faith McCallum in Susan Wiggs' new novel.

Faith is a widowed mom of two girls and her late husband's medical bills have left her struggling to get by. Her older daughter, Cara, dreams of colleges that Faith could never afford. Her younger daughter, a very precocious child, has Type 1 Diabetes, a condition that also drives up their living expenses. Faith applies for a job caring for a quadriplegic and is stunned to get the job, even after completely missing the interview.

Mason Bellamy needs to find his mother a caregiver so that he can get back to his life in Manhattan. He bought his mom a lavish manor in the Catskills, had it fixed up to suit her needs, but she's burning through caregivers like crazy. When Alice tumbles down the stairs just before Mason's brother is heading out of state for training and his sister is set to begin a fellowship in Paris, Mason must return home until he knows she's getting the care she deserves.

From the moment he comes across Faith, Mason is enamored. She's perfect for his mother. In addition, he finds himself drawn to Faith and her daughters. Yet, Mason is engaged and ready to settle down and start life as a married man.

I've loved Susan Wiggs' novels for a long time. Starlight on Willow Lake jettisons to the top of my favorite Susan Wiggs book. I loved Mason and his whole family. Faith and her daughters were gems. The setting is magical, and their romance never seems trite or rushed. With this book completed, I am eager to round up other novels in The Lakeshore Chronicles series. I'm also crossing my fingers that the author returns to give Cara her own story.

- Tracy


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