Chilling European Mystery: Mark Edwards' Follow You Home

In a chilling mystery by Mark Edwards, readers are taken on a frightening adventure across Europe. While I remained on the edge of my seat, there were definitely moments when I wondered why on earth they didn't spill their story when they reached an embassy. That's definitely impacting my overall thoughts when it comes to the book review.

June 2015 Release from Thomas and Mercer

Daniel and Laura are madly in love. Before returning to their London home where they plan to settle down and raise a family, they decide to travel around Europe and have the experience of a lifetime. Things go south in Romania when they meet another couple. Opting to take the couple up on their offer to wake them up at their stop, Daniel and Laura sneak into an empty sleeper cabin and take a nap. When they wake up, their belongings, including their passports, are gone. The female from the other couple acts as a translator when the guard comes through looking for tickets, but the trio end up getting kicked off the train in the middle of nowhere.

What Daniel and Laura end up seeing in a house in the woods ends up destroying their relationship. They've also vowed to never speak of the events in the woods. When their friends start dying and stalkers seem to be watching them, Daniel and Laura are forced to face up to the events from Romania, if they can survive that long.

I cannot deny that Follow You Home keeps you on the edge of your seat and rooting for the couple. That said, I couldn't understand why they didn't speak up once they were with the British consulate and getting travel papers to get back to London. Logically, that's what I would have done.

The big mystery regarding the events they witnessed were revealed over time. I wasn't shocked by what they'd witnessed and one of the bigger revelations wasn't that surprising to me. However, even with these minor niggles, I still kept reading and had a really good time seeing how things turned out in the end.


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