Woman With a Secret by Sophie Hannah

Release Date - August 2015

Sophie Hannah
William Morrow

Book Review by Bob Walch

Thanks to the Internet you can create a fantasy world and relationships with individuals you never expect to actually meet in a face to face situation. For Nicki Clements this provides the opportunity to enjoy a secret life quite different from the one she lives with her husband and children.

Nicki’s online email “connection” is with a man who wants her to share a secret or two she’s never divulged to anyone else. Perhaps because of the anonymity of the situation or because she has an urge to unburden herself , Nicki agrees. Granted this is perhaps not a sound idea, but once the emails begin flying back and forth, Nicki is hooked and becomes quite candid with information that’s been locked away for quite some time.

Then disaster strikes in a way Nicki never imagined. She is arrested for the murder of her correspondent, a man she has never met face to face. Although she isn’t guilty of this crime, Nicki’s secrets and deceptions are now about to be laid bare for everyone to see.

As the police try to get to the bottom of this intriguing crime it becomes obvious that although the principal suspect may not be guilty of the homicide she is charged with, there are things in her past that make her far from being an “innocent” bystander.

The nature of secrets is questioned in this psychological thriller that underscores that everyone has a secret or two that should not be shared with anyone no matter how compelling the reason may be.


  1. Sounds like a great read for suspense fans. Thanks for the post.


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