Wait for Signs: Twelve Longmire Stories by Craig Johnson

Release Date - October 27, 2015

Craig Johnson

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

Longmire fans who have already binged on the latest season and all the books will be delighted by this collection of stories from the sheriff's life. Wait for Signs features a dozen short stories based on Walt's past and present, and each one is a delight.

I admit I only discovered Longmire this summer, and I binge watched every season, including season 4. The chemistry between the characters is sublime. Those same relationships carry through in the books, though there are differences between the television show and the books. I found those differences easy to adjust to, however, so it wasn't that big a deal.

With a dozen short stories, it didn't take long to work my way through Wait for Signs. While I could mention them all, I wanted to focus on my favorites.

Hands down, Ministerial Aid was my favorite story in the collection. This story captures the very essence of what I find so endearing with Walt. Let's just say I snickered when he taught the county a lesson on the price of a stamp vs. gas. When he was called in on a rather unusual case during his travels, I couldn't stop reading. Once finished, I read it again because it was that good.

Slick-Tongued Devil is another story that I really enjoyed. It captures Walt's wit, as well as his kindness. He's a lot nicer in this tale than I would have been given the circumstances. It takes place after his wife's death and involves a Bible salesman who has Martha's Bible order.

What happens when a car of Hasidic Jews forget to pay for their gas is not as you would expect. Walt understands forgetting to pay once, but these guys cannot seem to get it right. Walt's got his hands full in High Holidays.

I laughed so hard during Messenger. Put together a group of hungry bears, an owl, and an outhouse, and you're in for a gem.

All of your favorite characters are in Wait for Signs. Catch up with Henry Standing Bear, Vic, and Cady, as well as with Walt. Fans won't want to miss this one, and it's a great way for newbies to get to know Walt.


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