If the Shoe Fits by Sandra D. Bricker

Release Date - May 2013

Sandra D. Bricker
River North

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

If the Shoe Fits is meant to be a take of the classic Cinderella tale, but it has a bit of a twist that makes it unique. Prince Charming in this case is a mystery man. Julianne is on her way to court when she almost hits the car in front of her, and before she knows it, some tall, handsome man is running into the road to rescue a dog that's just been hit. She's certain he could be her knight in shining armor, but he's in his truck and driving away before she can even process things. All that's left behind is the man's tool box and one work boot.

Will has been Julianne's best friend since they were 10. He's fallen for her, but she considers them friends and business partners, nothing more, nothing less. As much as Will would love to be so much more to Julianne, her new goal is to find the mystery man and prove that he is Mr. Right. Much to Will's dismay, it may well be time to move on with his life and get over the only woman he has truly ever loved.

As much as I love romances, I had tried and failed to read If the Shoe Fits many times. Julianne's quest to find Mr. Right came off as too perfect, with her focusing on his looks so hard that she really failed to see at just about any point that the man could well be a dud. Will dotes so much at times that I had to wonder about him too. There comes a point where you have to realize that if someone doesn't want you, you need to move on. Will seemed to be missing the big "move on" hint, even when he had other potential love interests.

My biggest niggle in the story was another lawyer who deems herself Julianna's nemesis. She suddenly appears, and I couldn't figure out why. Leave her out of the book and there still would have been plenty of conflict between Will and Julianne. I didn't like her, couldn't see why she was integral to the story, and therefore I struggled to stay interested.

In the end, this is not my favorite romance. It had potential, but I never cared enough for the characters to be avidly reading. In fact, it was the potential romance between Julianne's mom and Will's dad that ended up being the reason I kept going.


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