Crooked Little Lies by Barbara Taylor Sissel

Release Date - August 2015

Barbara Taylor Sissel
Lake Union Publishing

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

A devastating fall left Lauren Wilder with injuries and a dependence on pain killers. Numerous counseling sessions later, Lauren believes she has ended her dependency on these drugs, but memory lapses often have her doubting herself. All of this becomes a focal point when Lauren almost hits a young man while driving. She stops to make sure he's okay, and his response, while slightly unusual, makes her call the police to do a welfare check. When she spies him getting into the car with a woman he clearly knows, she thinks all is okay.

Days later, Lauren learns the young man is missing, and she's the last person police can confirm he spoke to. Lauren's memory gaps become alarming to her. As police start eyeing her as a suspect, she urgently looks into the case on her own to discover the truth behind everything she saw that day and what really happened to Bo Laughlin.

Crooked Little Lies is general fiction, perhaps better categorized as women's fiction, but there is also a strong element of mystery to it. I did feel an urgency to unravel what happened to Bo. The issue became the subplots. So much is going on that I felt it often distracted from the mystery I wanted to explore. Lauren and her husband are on the verge of bankruptcy, so some chapters would focus more on their arguments. There are the snippets with Lauren's sister and her troubles. The character I probably liked most, Bo's sister, also tended to stray a bit from the disappearance, leaning more towards her work, her possible romance with a local man, and even her car troubles.

I'd find myself skimming through the sections to get back to the mystery regarding Bo. That part of the story had me hooked from the very beginning. I thoroughly enjoyed Bo's mystery the most.


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