The Superhero Comic Kit by Jason Ford

Release Date - September 2015

Laurence King Publishing

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

Inspiring a kid's creativity should be any parents' goal. Therefore, I  highly recommend Jason Ford's The Superhero Comic Kit. There are 10 comics within this 80-page book. Each comic starts with a story and one of Jason Ford's superheroes. The rest is for children to imagine.

Starting with the superhero, children are told to color the hero, given instructions to help them draw the hero, and then create their own characters and finish telling the story. It's a stunning book, one that I immediately recommended to my son's girlfriend. She's a teacher of children with special needs, and her students love activities of this nature. If her students like it, I'm game to buy half of the copies she needs, and I'm pretty sure I can get friends to get the rest.

I highly recommend The Superhero Comic Kit to anyone who wants to spur a child's imagination. My only hope is that additional books of this nature will be released for the child who needs a little guidance with the art and storylines.


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