The After House by Michael Phillip Cash

Release Date - September 2014

Michael Phillip Cash

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

Her marriage is over, her husband's moved on with his new family, but his abusive tendencies have Remy Galway moving her daughter to the coastal town of Cold Spring Harbor. The moment she moves into her 300-year-old house, Remy senses there is something lurking within the home. When someone, perhaps something, begins targeting her home, Remy is left to wonder just what she's gotten herself into.

The After House is a ghost story told from the perspective of the ghost. It takes place in two time periods, present day and back when Captain Eli, the ghost, was away from home on his whaling ship.

Any thoughts of this being a horror novel, as I first though, were quickly tossed aside. This is a paranormal with a touch of romance. It's a fun read, though there were things I couldn't figure out. I liked Captain Eli a lot. The two ghosts watching over him, however, seemed unnecessary to me. I liked Remy, though she seemed a little naive, and her daughter Olivia was a precocious gem.

In the end, I did enjoy Captain Eli's story and, by connection, Remy's too. It's not a long read, I had it finished in an hour, but it is a great escape from the stresses of life.


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