Smaller and Smaller Circles by F.H. Batacan

Release Date - August 2015

F.H. Batacan
Soho Crime

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

Smaller and Smaller Circles begins with the discovery of a boy's body. He's been found in Payatas, a dump where people live and survive on what they can find. The teen has been murdered in a most disturbing fashion, and he's not the first. Other male teens are meeting similar fates. Father Saenz, a forensic anthropologist, and Father Lucero, a psychologist, are asked to help stop the killer.

At times very gruesome, Smaller and Smaller Circles is definitely gripping. It took me a few chapters to settle in to who the characters were, including the killer whose voice is also heard. The setting (Philippines) is so very well written. I felt like I was there. The characters were equally appealing, particularly Father Saenz. He's the type of guy I wouldn't mind inviting to dinner for the conversations that I know would happen.

In the end, the only bummer is that I pegged the killer relatively early in the book. It seemed very headline story to me. That wasn't enough to keep me from finishing the novel, but I do hate when I'm able to peg the killer early on.


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