Desert God: A Novel of Ancient Egypt by Wilbur Smith

Release Date - October 2014

Book Review by Bob Walch

Wilbur Smith’s novels set in ancient Egypt have appealed to readers who enjoy visiting the time period and relish action packed adventures. This latest effort, though, is a mixed bag.

Taita, a former slave and adviser to the Pharaoh, narrates this lengthy story which will revolve around preserving the kingdom by destroying the Hyksos army and forming an alliance with Crete.

An extremely egotistical hero, you’ll get the sense that Taita is the sole protector of the empire and its very continued existence rests entirely on his shoulders. That may well be true, but one tires of being continually reminded of the fact!

Although there’s plenty of action in this historical adventure you’ll have to withhold judgment of its protagonist and some of his associates because, all in all, these are not very attractive or likable individuals.

If you’ve read Smith’s previous novels you might wish to give this one a try, but new readers may not have the patience to put up with the inflated ego of the central character. The reviews of  Desert God have been all over the spectrum but there are more negative and lukewarm reactions than extremely positive ones.


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