The Doctor's Accidental Family by Jacqueline Diamond

Release Date - September 2015

Jacqueline Diamond

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

Dr. Nick Davis, a single dad, is still adjusting to his new life in Safe Harbor, especially now that he's found his cousin is working in the same hospital. The two do not get along. When he sees Zady Moore, his cousin's nurse, he can't help but feel a spark. The problem is Zady's been burned and she's not about to fall for the womanizing charmer her boss has told her all about. Who would want a man who walked away from his son?

The truth is that Nick wants nothing more than to gain custody of his son, but his in-laws make it tough. When he's offered a chance to bring his young son home, he's determined to make it happen, but he needs help. Asking Zady to become his housemate seems like the perfect solution, especially after she's asked to care for her young god-daughter for a month. The two can work together to care for the children. Can their hearts, however, survive this very close living arrangement?

As is true with other Safe Harbor Medical Romance novels, you get to catch up with characters from other books. I like the glimpse into their lives and the growth of this hospital.

To be honest, Nick wasn't as strong a hero as others have been. He was likable enough, but he didn't stick in my mind as much as other characters, such as Lucky - how I adore Lucky. Zady is better, though I found myself a little perturbed by her steadfast belief in the office gossip, rather than just asking Nick for the truth.

All in all, The Doctor's Accidental Family is a nice entry into the Safe Harbor series, but it's not my favorite. As always, it does work well as a stand-alone novel, but I highly recommend reading the series in order to see the hospital and it's family of doctors, nurses, and administrators from the very beginning.


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