One Among Us by Paige Dearth

Release Date - December 2014

Paige Dearth
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Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

I'll start by saying I hated so many characters in One Among Us. In a story that seems ripped from the headlines, this book had me wanting to climb into the pages and castrate many of the characters found in the book.

Maggie Clarke is just 11 years old when she's kidnapped and thrown into a sex trafficking ring. The innocent young girl is brutally raped by numerous men, kept prisoner with a number of other girls and boys, and badly abused, both mentally and physically. As weeks turn into months and months turn into years, Maggie fears she may never return to her loving family.

That's the plot. The story can be graphic at times, though with every page, I know how much truth there is to it, because I've seen the headlines and caught news stories involving abuse of very young girls and boys. It disgusts and horrifies me.

Paige Dearth is a survivor of molestation by a family member. Every detail she puts into her stories feels so real because she's lived it. I admit, this was a hard book to read. I was disgusted with the adults, horrified for the children, and angry that no one seemed able to save them. It's so realistic that it was tough to watch so much happen to Maggie. The writing is outstanding and definitely draws you in. It's just the subject matter that left me so angry for these fictional kids.


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