Where They Found Her by Kimberly McCreight

Book Release - April 2015

Kimberly McCreight

Book Review by Bob Walch

When the body of a newborn is discovered in the woods fringing the campus of a local university, the residents of Ridgedale, New Jersey, are shocked but have plenty of opinions on how such a terrible event could happen.

Although she has some serious misgivings about taking the assignment, feelance journalist Molly Sanderson agrees to cover the story for the local newspaper. Molly recently has lost a child herself and her investigation is going to resurrect some painful memories.

As she begins questioning the authorities and local inhabitants of Ridgedale, Molly quickly discovers there are plenty of secrets behind the white picket fences of this idyllic community.

Told from the perspectives of three very different women, the reader, along with Molly, will untangle the sad story of the infant’s death. Kimberley McCreight’s debut, Reconstructing Amelia, received a lot of critical acclaim and was nominated for some prestigious literary awards. Where They Found Her is another powerful psychological suspense story that will take the reader on an emotional roller coaster ride.


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