The Girl She Used to Be by David Cristofano

Release Date -

David Cristofano
Grand Central Publishing

Release Date - March 2009

While I received this book years ago for review, I couldn't get into it back then. Years later, I pulled it back out to give it another shot, as I really do like the plot for The Girl She Used to Be. In the end, it's the characters I still struggled with.

For two decades, Melody Grace McCartney's been on the run, part of the witness protection program. She and her parents witnessed a brutal murder, one committed by a mobster. While the mobster was able to find and eliminate her parents, Melody has remained out of his reach. Until now...

Bored of her current living situation, Melody fakes a problem and readies herself for another change of location, name, and career. Before the move is finalized however, the mobster's son does find her and offers her a chance at a life she's never experienced, the chance to be herself. All she has to do is turn her back on the government and put all of her trust in him.

There in starts a book that's part crime drama and part romance. The Girl She Used to Be did hold my attention, but after Melody meets Jonathan I started to lose interest. Melody came off as a strong, tough female lead, but she turns a bit sappy when she meets Jonathan and starts making decisions I had to question. Falling in love so quickly, especially with the son of a man who you know is dangerous and has played a role in the death of others, including your parents, I just couldn't understand why someone so smart would make such a foolish decision.

In the end, I still liked The Girl She Used to Be, but I didn't love it as much as I did in the beginning.


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