Notice About Amazon Links

Earlier this year, Amazon notified me that due to their disagreement over Vermont state laws, they were no longer accepting anyone from Vermont to be part of their Associate's program. They said the ban remains in effect until Vermont changes its laws.

For me, this means I can no longer access image links through the Associate's program. They more recently sent an email saying that the code in the ads I've posted for the past number of years are not longer going to work unless I change them (more than 200) to include new Associate's links. As you can guess, since I cannot access Associate's, it seems pointless to have to alter the code on more than 200 pages. Their response to me was a general "whatever, do it or the links go away."

I'm not doing it. If you look at old reviews next month, the Amazon links will unlikely work. I apologize for this. I will be looking to see if other booksellers like Barnes and Noble still work with Vermonters, but I have no idea if anyone will.


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