Normal by Graeme Cameron

Release Date - April 2015

Graeme Cameron

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

One thing that stands out with Normal is the main character. He's a sadistic, sick, demented killer who may seem to fit in, but the truth is he has a holding cell in his basement where he imprisons and then kills women for fun. His latest victim, well he's kept her alive than he has others. But, the real change happens when he's at the grocery store. He meets Rachel and falls for her. He now has a desire to change, but that's going to be tough when he still has a victim in his basement and police who are desperate to solve the string of murders that he's responsible for.

It's really hard to feel any sympathy for the main character. He's demented and I wanted police to get him and lock him away for life. Therefore, it was hard to sympathize with his fascination and "love" for Rachel.

That said, the writing in Normal is gripping and very disturbed. The author did a great job creating a creepy character that gets under your skin. I had the same goosebumps as I did when I learned the guy whose locker was next to mine in high school had been put in jail a few years after graduation for raping several women. That "eww" factor is hard to ignore throughout Normal. Kudos to the author for creating a fictional, very creepy character.


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