Somebody I Used to Know by David Bell

Release Date - July 7, 2015

David Bell

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

It's just supposed to be a shopping trip. Nick Hansen is picking up the typical bachelor fare when he sees a woman who looks exactly like his former girlfriend, a woman who died in a tragic fire. He calls her name, and the woman drops everything she's carrying and runs off. Nick is stunned. Worse, police arrive the next morning to question him. The woman is dead, and Nick's name and address were found in her pocket.

Now the prime suspect in a baffling murder, With police focusing on him, he teams up with a college friend to discover the truth. Could his girlfriend possibly have survived the fire? If so, why has she remained hidden for 20 years?

Somebody I Used to Know is a book I read in one sitting. I had to know. I had my suspicions on what was really going on, though I was wrong, but it was still a delightful mystery that kept me on my toes. Nick's a really nice guy, that is clear from the start. I didn't like one of the former college friends, but Laurel, the woman who helps him investigate, is also likable. Those two make a great team and definitely helped keep me hooked.


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