Luna Luna by Sam Ryan

Release Date - July 2013

Sam Ryan
Hazel Mitchell
Mascot Books

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

One night, young Roshi awakens to find the moon is much larger, much more colorful, and much lower in the sky than usual. Quietly, he tiptoes outside, gets his net, and sets off to capture the moon. Catching the moon is not quite as easy as he imagined, however.

Luna Luna is a cute children's book. It has some more challenging vocabulary for the advancing reader, such as words like "beckoned," "triumph," or "whither." But, with the pictures and length, I think it would be a great option for a child who is learning to read.

The illustrations are striking and capture the soothing feeling that a moonlit night does bring to many. Paired with the story, this is a book I'm glad I discovered and recommend it to parents and their children.


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