First Time in Forever: A Puffin Island Novel by Sarah Morgan

Release Date - February 24, 2015

Sarah Morgan
HQN Books

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

She's lost her job, her long-time boyfriend dumped her, and the cherry on top is that her estranged half-sister is dead and made Emily Donovan guardian to a six year old. Emily wants nothing to do with a child. She's not cut out to be mommy material, but right now, her focus is getting the child to safety. As Emily's half-sister was a Hollywood starlet, the paparazzi are hot on Emily's heels. Keeping Juliet away from their prying eyes is her number one concern.

Taking up her friend's offer of a summer cottage on Maine's Puffin Island, Emily hopes the little girl will be safe. She never expects to gain the attentions of a local business owner, Ryan Cooper. It isn't long before Juliet (now called Lizzy for her safety) is longing for a solid family life with Ryan and Emily living happily ever after. Emily, however, is just out of one bad relationship and wants nothing to do with another one.

I love the Maine islands, so the setting was an instant hit with me. Emily is likable, once you get to know the reasons why she fears the water and children so much. Ryan is also likable, though I found Lizzy was the show stealer. She calls it as she sees it, and I always like having a precocious child egging hesitant characters along.

First Time in Forever is a charming romance that did leave me wanting more. There was the hint of a story to come between Lizzy and a set of twins that I am curious to see if the author meant to cover in later novels, or if I'm simply reading too much into it. There are also Emily's friends who should be getting their own romances. Plus, the mother of the twins and town ice cream parlor owner deserves her own story too.


  1. This book sounds like an addition to my "TBR" list. Thanks for the post!


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