Boo by Neil Smith

Release Date - May 2015

Neil Smith

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

Boo is just 13 when he dies. He's always had a weak heart, so his death is understandable. He doesn't remember much of it. He was at his locker, studying the periodic table as usual, and the next thing he knows is he is in a strange bed, learning he is dead and in "Town," a place where all 13 year olds go when they die.

Town is an unusual place. He soon learns that everyone lives in their own realm filled only with people of the same age. As he settles in, another of his classmates appears with shocking news. Together, they set off to unravel the truth about their deaths.

So many books have a similar plot, and this can make it hard to get into some books. Boo is so unique that I dove in and couldn't stop reading. It's part teen fiction, part paranormal perhaps, but there's also the perplexing mystery regarding how the boys died that was the main attention-getter for me.

I definitely loved every minute of Boo and will be adding the author to my watch list!


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