The Mindful Diet by Ruth Wolever PhD, Beth Reardon MS RD LDN, and Tania Hannan

Release Date - April 2015


Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

Many diet books focus on getting you to change the foods you eat. Drop any items with sugar. Stop eating fats. Cut out all white flour. Stop eating meat. No eating carbs anymore. The Mindful Diet is so different. Instead, it looks at why you eat and gets to work focusing on the bad habits that many of us have. No more thinking a cup of coffee is breakfast. Stop wolfing down a meal in a record number of minutes. Don't let your emotions dictate what and how much you eat.

Within The Mindful Diet are a number of self-assessments you'll use to help understand where your dietary weaknesses lie and what you can do to change them. It then takes these issues and helps you overcome them so that you can develop better eating habits and avoid the pitfalls that lead to failed diet attempts and the gloom and depression that comes with that failure.

I found much of the information within to be incredibly helpful, though it's still hard for me to incorporate some of it. I work at least 10 hours a day, usually more like 12. When you add in the housework, meal preparation, getting my kids to and from school, exercising the dog, and trying to have time to myself while still getting the 8 hours a night of sleep that my body require, it's really tough not to rush meals. I see though, that that is the thing I need to work on changing, and with the tips in this book, that's my goal.


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