The Ladies of Managua by Eleni Gage

Release Date - May 2015

Eleni Gage
St. Martin's Press

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

Ladies of Managua is told from three points of view. First is Mariana. She was four months old when her father died in Nicaragua's revolution. Second is Isabela. As Mariana's grandmother, Bela ended up leaving Nicaragua and raising Mariana in Key Biscayne. Finally, there is Ninexin, Mariana's mother. She fought hard for her country, even if it meant making decisions that not everyone agreed with. Over the years, each woman has gone her own way, but now the death of Mariana's grandfather has drawn them together, and they have secrets of their own that are bubbling up and coming to the surface.

I loved the premise of Ladies of Managua, but the writing just never appealed to me. I had a hard time keeping track of who was speaking. Though they are of different generations, without the beginning of the chapter announcing who was leading the chapter, I was lost. So many times, I would read and have to back track to see if I'd missed a switch or if it was the same character.

As a result, I started and stopped this novel a few times and finally had to force myself to read through it. After a number of chapters, I did finally find a flow with the story, but I fear it came too late for me to ever find true enjoyment.


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