The Far End of Happy by Kathryn Craft

Release Date - May 2015

Kathryn Craft
Sourcebooks Landmark

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

With the hard realization that her marriage is over, Ronnie Farnham is divorcing Jeffrey and he's supposed to be moving out. Things do not go as expected. Instead, Jeffrey drives to the house, incredibly intoxicated and not acting normally. With her young boys to protect, Ronnie rushes out to get the keys and notices the shotgun sitting in the passenger seat. What was already a tough morning now becomes Ronnie's own personal hell.

At this point of the year, The Far End of Happy is the best book I've read. I was glued to the pages, couldn't stop reading for any reason, even dinner got ignored so it's a good thing my son and husband cook! This has to be the most emotional, powerful, and poignant look at three women's relationship to Jeffrey, the situation that they're all facing, and the possibility for finding hope in the darkest of situations.

The story is told from three points of view. There's Ronnie, the woman who's loved Jeffrey for 12 years and has two sons with him. There's Janet, Jeffrey's mother who has her own skeletons and regrets. Finally, there is Beverly, Ronnie's mother and Janet's close friend, who is torn by her love for both her daughter and her friend and the situation they're both facing.

I ended up reading The Far End of Happy late into the night and woke up very early to finish it. It was that powerful and that good.


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