The Beautiful Daughters by Nicole Baart

Release Date - April 28, 2015

Nicole Baart
Atria Books

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

Five years ago, Adrienne Vogt left her father, twin brother, and friends and fled her hometown. She's spent that time in Africa, serving as the nurse for remote communities. Now, Adri has been summoned back, and the news she's delivered is not something she can ignore.

Harper Penny left Blackhawk, Iowa, at the same time her best friend Adri left. Like Adri, she left with the knowledge that she killed a man and got away with it. Her life away isn't ideal, and when Adri beckons her to return to Blackhawk, Harper isn't sure it's the safest thing to do, but she cannot ignore the woman she loves like a sister.

The Beautiful Daughters is a stunning story with lots of the proverbial skeletons in both Harper's and Adri's closets. There are two romances at play in the story, three I suppose if you want to count one of them. Adri's associate in Africa is one, and then Adri's twin brother has feelings for Harper. In that respect, you kind of get two romances in one. There's so much more to this story, however, that the romances really take a back seat.

The true enjoyment of this novel came with Adri and Harper reconnecting, facing their past, and trying to figure out how on earth they can mold a future with the things they've done, said, and experienced.


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