Slow and Steady Rush by Laura Trentham

Release Date - March 2015

Laura Trentham
St. Martins

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

Slow and Steady Rush is the first release in Laura Trentham's Falcon Football series. Fans of sports-themed romances are going to have plenty to look forward to.

Darcy Wilde is back in Alabama to care for her grandmother, who is recuperating after breaking both hips. The librarian never intended to return to a town that assumed she'd end up just like her mother, but she's back to care for the woman who raised her. Once her grandmother's okay, she's out of here!

Robbie Dalton served in Afghanistan with Darcy's cousin, Little does Darcy know that her letters to her cousin Logan are what kept Robbie going. He's the new football coach for the high school team, and now that Darcy's in town, he's dying to get to know the woman behind those letters, but his upbringing has made him very hesitant about forming any attachment to anyone.

The two meet and decide maybe a fling is the best thing for them, but when unguarded hearts begin to yearn for something more, they both have concerns. Darcy has no intention on staying, and Robbie is not one to give his heart away. Can they keep up with this fling without facing an emotional toll?

I loved Robbie. He's the perfect hero. He's tough, yet soft enough to show some emotions when needed. Darcy is a little tougher. She's heard plenty of talk about her absentee mother, and the gossip always stung. She really doesn't want to be back in the midst of a town full of gossips, but she'll do anything for her grandmother.

Slow and Steady Rush was the perfect set up for what looks like it could be an exceptional series. Even one loathsome character had me wondering if she'll get her own story and a chance to prove she's not all that bad.


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