Ellie's Story: A Dog's Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron

Release Date - April 2015

W. Bruce Cameron

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

Let it be said that Ellie's Story is spun from another W. Bruce Cameron novel. I never read A Dog's Purpose, so this was my introduction to Ellie and her handler Jakob.

She's just a puppy when Elleya meets her new "father." Soon, she's devoting her days and nights learning all of Jakob's commands as part of her "work." While her job finding lost people is important, she also feels compelled to help her owners, Jakob and later Maya, who need her just as much as any lost person.

Ellie's Story is told from the dog's point of view. That makes for a change of pace that I think many younger readers will love. The details into the dog training sessions, which are part of what makes Ellie, Ellie, are handled carefully and never become boring. In fact, I could see my own dog having many of Ellie's thoughts as he learned "sit," "stay," "leave it," "come," "down," etc.

Ellie's Story is geared to a much younger reader, which I am not. At that age, I was crazy for The Incredible Journey, however, so kids who like animal stories may really enjoy this one.


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