Crossing the Horizon by Deanna Emberley Bailey

Release Date - February 2015

Deanna Emberley Bailey

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

In 2009, I remember turning on my computer, reading the headline news with WCAX and The Burlington Free Press and seeing a story that seemed almost unreal. A local family was impacted by a horrific fire on Christmas morning. A fire that would take the lives of both of their children. As a mother of two myself, I couldn't even begin to imagine how Deanna Emberley Bailey and her husband would be able to move on.

Crossing the Horizon is a very personal story that Deanna Emberley Bailey used to help with the grieving process. The story details the boys final moments and their journey into their new existence. It's a journey where they will meet others who left the earth before them, discover the danger of trying to communicate with their parents, and the new powers they have in the afterlife.

I think if you know the story of these boys and their parents, which you will from the moment Katherine Paterson gives the introduction and from the very opening of the story, you'll likely shed a few tears. It's hard not to.  It's a powerful story that I truly hope helps others who are in Ms. Bailey's shoes.


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