A Kiss to Build a Dream On by Kim Amos

Release Date - April 2015

Kim Amos
Hatchette Book Group

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

After learning that her boyfriend had lost almost every penny she owned, Willa Masterson is back in White Pine, Minnesota. This small town is far from New York City, but Willa hopes to restore her family's home and turn it into a thriving bed and breakfast. There's a problem though. Before she'd left the town, she'd hurt a large number of people, including Burk Olmstead.

When Willa learns that Burk owns the contracting firm she's about to deal with, she's a little stunned. She cannot give up her dream though, as there is nothing left in New York for her. Meanwhile, Burk's been maintaining the house for so long that he planned to eventually buy it for himself. Having Willa back in town is not what he expected or even wanted to happen.

While Burk is hoping she can scare Willa away, Willa realizes that the feelings she had for Burk years ago have not abated. Entering into a fling with the man is dangerous, especially when she starts to think a fling may not be enough.

A Kiss to Build a Dream on is a fiery romance with plenty of passion between the two main characters. It did take a weird twist that I didn't see coming, and I'm still not sure how I feel about that.

When you start to see the town's reactions to Willa, you get why she was so hated. And, I do see that the situation in New York City was probably the best comeuppance that she could have gotten. That aside, I ended up really liking her character.


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