In Wilderness by Diane Thomas

Release Date - March 2015

Diane Thomas
Random House

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

After three doctors all tell her she's dying, Katherine Reid buys an isolated mountain cabin and a pistol and sets off to distance herself from anyone who might care what she plans to do. She soon realizes though that someone is also in the mountains, watching her every move.

Danny served in the Vietnam War and saw far too much tragedy to want to be around people. Secluded in a run down mansion not too far from Katherine's cabin. Soon, Katherine is all he can think about.

In Wilderness is an emotionally charged mix of romance, general fiction, and given that I was born after the time period, I'll even call it historical fiction. Katherine goes through a lot early in the story, but readers only learn of the true details in bits and pieces. Same goes with Danny, who has seen far too much both in the war and at home.

The story is just one part of my interest in this book. It's the setting that also drew me in. Diane Thomas does a great job bringing the mountains to life. You can easily imagine exactly what Katherine goes through using the outhouse, dealing with the drafts and cold, and then the unease of knowing she's being watched but not knowing by whom or for what reason.


  1. This book needs to go on my TBR list! Thanks for the post!!


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