Can't Always Get What You Want by Chelsea Krause

Release Date - January 2015

Chelsea Krause

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

I loved so much about Can't Always Get What You Want. The characters, the writing, even the setting drew me in to this tender romance.

Nurse Sophie Richards is ready for a girl's night out. She has tickets to a Rolling Stones tribute band and is looking forward to meeting her best friend for the concert. Her friend Samira, however, has to cancel and suggests Sophie call Brett, Samira's boyfriend's business partner.

Desperate to avoid going alone, Sophie does agree to the blind date. Things go extremely well with their date, but Sophie is incredibly hesitant. Her track record with men isn't great. She's had her one true love, and she isn't convinced that there is another Mr. Right in her future.

Over the span of the book, the reader learns more and more about the man who broke Sophie's heart and made her so hesitant to give love another shot. By the time everything is revealed, I had tears in my eyes. Brett is such a wonderful hero. The world needs more men like him! Paired together, it was impossible not to want to see them end up together.

For an emotionally charged, truly romantic read, you cannot go wrong with Can't Always Get What You Want.


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