All the Rage by Courtney Summers

Release Date - April 14, 2015

Courtney Summers
St. Martins Griffin

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

All the Rage definitely brought up rage as I read it. I hated what the poor girl faced, and I really hated the adults' reactions to this. It actually reminded me of a local story, though not completely the same, but a local football team was found to be hazing new members. Those players involved sodomized at least one player with a broom stick and everyone kept it hush-hush, until one of the victims committed suicide and questions were then asked. Even now, I'm outraged at the outcome and that the most of the perpetrators are not going to be charged for the sexual assault. It's disgusting.

In All the Rage, Romy Grey, daughter of the town drunk, is raped by the sheriff's son. The rapist's family are prominent town members, so Romy is labeled as a liar and faces deplorable treatment by her peers and the community's adults. Romy cannot even count on her former best friend, Penny, anymore.

When a yearly party occurs, one that involves the senior class getting drunk and doing things no parent would want a child doing at that age, Penny disappears, so does Romy. Romy is found and is then blamed for tying up the police while they should have been searching for golden girl Penny. It's at this point that Romy must decide if she should stand up and fight the community that hates her or crawl into the hole they seem to want her in.

Here's my take on All the Rage. It disgusted me, yet it was also gripping and drew me in. I felt horribly for Romy and wanted to reach into the pages and offer her the support she so desperately needed. At the same time, I was outraged with her mother, her mother's boyfriend, every adult within that school, and every adult within the town. I was in one word outraged. Yet, I know from headlines that this type of behavior goes on every day in every state of the nation. How dare we continue to let it!

This is a book that teens should read, their parents should read, and adults should read and finally realize that things need to change. It's a book that I see could lead to some very frank, and much needed, discussions in book groups. It's a book that I hope people do not miss.


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