War of the Wives by Tamar Cohen

Release Date - February 2015

Tamar Cohen

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

With almost 30 years of marriage to celebrate, Selina Busfield is stunned when police show up in the middle of the night to tell her her husband is dead. He wasn't even in the country, so she simply cannot believe they have the correct identity of the body pulled from the river. When she goes to identify him, the corpses's wedding ring is not Simon's, so she's convinced they made a huge mistake, until they lift the sheet and she can see his face.

Lottie Busfield is stunned to learn that her husband's funeral is being arranged. She hasn't even been notified of his death, so someone is making a huge mistake. With 17 years of marriage between her and Simon, Lottie feels she knows everything about Simon. With this impending funeral and still no death notification, she heads to the funeral for what is about to be the shock of a lifetime.

Simon Busfield married two women. These two women and their children are thrown together in the most tragic circumstances. This war has just begun.

War of the Wives is at times hilarious and others downright tragic. It can seem hard at first to understand how these woman never suspected anything, but keep reading at it makes sense. I loved the growth both Lottie and Selina go through as they come to terms with Simon's death and then the question if he committed suicide or was murdered. This mystery leads to a shocking conclusion that threw me. It was an excellent and emotional read that I'm glad I did not miss.


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