The In Between by Olivia Pierce

Release Date - November 2014

Full Fathom Five Digital

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

After saving his life on the beach, Tara Jenkins feels a deeper bond than ever with Justin Westcroft. They were childhood friends, but Tara's move separated them. After moving back, Justin was now one of the popular kids and Tara wasn't. It was as simple as that. Yet, now that she's saved his life, the two are drawn to each other. Justin breaks up with his girlfriend and befriends and eventually begins dating Tara.

One night, tragedy strikes. The pair are in a car accident and Justin dies while Tara lives. Through her grief, she swears Justin is still there by her side. She's not crazy, though others thing she is.

What follows is a pretty emotional tale of Tara's grief process and Justin's afterlife. I loved every minute of it, until I reached the climax. I don't want to go into spoilers, but it just wasn't an ending for me. I predicted it, which isn't a good start, but it was Tara's naivety that really got to me and had me wondering how she couldn't see a certain event coming.

That niggle aside, this book is pretty powerful when it comes to the emotions. The love between Tara and Justin was pretty authentic and captured well.


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