Textastrophe by Matt Andrews

Release Date - February 17, 2015

St. Martins Griffin

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

Textastrophe was born from moments of boredom. During his shifts at a cell phone kiosk, Matt Andrews used the phones he worked with to text people who posted ads in places like Craigslist, restaurant receipts, etc. These text pranks turned into the fodder for both Textastrophe and numerous sites Reddit and BuzzFeed.

I grew up in an era where prank calls were common. The whole, lame "Is your refrigerator running?" calls that many kids would do and thought were hilarious. Realistically, Matt Andrews' pranks are no different, though they are longer. From the text he sent a restaurant manager about "food poisoning" to pranking a company that rents bouncy castles, included in this book are the actual texts and how they played out.

In the end, the pranks' popularity turned out to be the book's downfall. I'd already seen/read many of these pranks on BuzzFeed. Therefore, only a few were new to me. I did snicker at a few, but overall, they were too familiar for me. If you've never read any of Matt Andrews' pranks before, you'll love this book. If you have, you're unlikely to find much in the way of new pranks here.


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