Maisy's Castle by Lucy Cousins

Release Date - September 23, 2014

Lucy Cousins

Book Review by Bob Walch

This latest Maisy book includes a medieval castle that folds out of the back of the book and some play pieces that feature all the characters dressed up in palace finery.

There is a minimal narrative in Maisy's Castle that precedes the pop-out castle and the publisher did include two pockets to store the play figures but, although a pretty decent size when open, young children will find that this castle is a bit difficult to play with.

And if the child isn’t careful, the castle will be all but impossible to fold back into the book. You just might wish to set it up, lock the walls in place, and leave it folded out.

Our family loves the Maisy series, but this one didn’t do it for us. It has also been receiving very mixed reviews, so check it out before making a purchase!


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