Farewell Floppy by Benjamin Chaud

Release Date - March 2015

Benjamin Chaud
Chronicle Kids

Farewell Floppy is a reissue. The original release was in 2010, under the French title Adieu Chassette. This poignant tale tells the story of a boy and his rabbit. Fans of The Velveteen Rabbit may find a lot to love in Floppy's story.

Figuring it unfair to keep his rabbit, the boy wanders deep in the woods where he plans to leave Floppy behind. Floppy can start a new, happy life with other rabbits and wildlife. Only, when Floppy actually leaves, the boy has changed his mind. It may be too late to get his best friend back.

Not only has Benjamin Chaud written a poignant tale about pets being more than pets, he's also illustrated it beautifully. Colorful images paint the story, so even for children who cannot yet read, they'll still be able to look at the pictures and get an idea of what is happening on each page. 


  1. Thanks for the post. I'm always delighted when you review a children's book.

  2. You're welcome. There have been a number of picture books sent my way, so even more will be coming.


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