Echoes by Laura K. Curtis

Release Date - March 17, 2015

Laura K. Curtis
InterMix (Penguin)

Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth

Echoes is the first book in Laura K. Curtis's Harp Security series. I see this series having huge appeal to fans of romances where the hero is former military and determined to the woman he loves safe.

The novel begins with the murder of a young woman. It's written from the killer's perspective, and readers get drawn into the crime in this fashion. You have no idea who the killer is as the story shifts to Callie Pearson's arrival on the island of Saint Martin in the French West Indies.

Callie is a freelance travel writer, and she's here to do a write up on a five-star resort that draws many celebrities. She never expects to find staff staring at her or to learn that she apparently looks just like the hotel owner who has disappeared.

This leads Callie to her own secret. Her parents are both dead, but in her father's belongings, she came across a photo of herself and her mother on the island. The photo was taken before her date of birth, so she's baffled and has come to the island hoping to find answers. She never expects to become embroiled in a mystery. She also never expects to find herself falling for the missing woman's husband, a man who is one of two suspects in his wife's disappearance.

The opening murder scene is quite graphic and definitely sets the mood for this murder mystery/romantic suspense. It does seem to be a bit more of a mystery at first, but the romance presents itself soon enough and the perfect mix is born.

As an avid mystery reader, I liked the fact that Echoes did blend the mystery and the romance perfectly. Mac Brody is a sexy hero, though it took time to see it, especially given how he treats Callie at first. My opinion of him quickly changed, however, and I found myself rooting for them.

At the same time, I found the mystery behind the killer's identity ended up being too easy to figure out. I had it pegged before I was even halfway through the book. That was the one disappointment I found in this otherwise gripping romantic suspense.


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