Check Out These Two Excellent Toddler Books

Release Date - March 2015

Betty Ann Schwartz
Lynn Seresin
Neiko Ng
Chronicle Kids

Book Reviews by Tracy Farnsworth

The first of the two books I wanted to spotlight has a fun interactive feature that involves moving a cut out bunny (it's secured by a thick ribbon to prevent a choking hazard) through different situations. You and your child may have to move the bunny over blue rocks or under green bushes. Not only is your child then going to learn the action, but there are the colors to learn too.

The narrative in Hop, Hop Bunny is simple and perfect for reading to youngsters who do not often sit still for long. There are just six pages, so the story itself is short, sweet, and perfect for reading sessions.

Release Date - March 2015

Sara Gillingham
Lorena Siminovich
Chronicle Kids

On My Beach is a finger puppet book. Within the center of the book is a small crab puppet that the parent can move around while reading. This board book is also six pages, so again it is ideal for toddlers who don't like to sit still for long.

The illustrations have a patchwork feel to them. The colors are bright and each scene brings a new setting, be it with a family or crabs or within the seaweed. The narrative contains a solid vocabulary that's ideal for teaching a child in these formative stages of reading.


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