A Sister to Honor by Lucy Ferriss

Release Date - January 2015

Lucy Ferriss

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

A Sister to Honor takes place in both Pakistan and New England. In Pakistan, Farishta and Tofan Satar are raising their younger daughters and Tofan's nephew, Khalid. Meanwhile, their two older children have left the nest for an education in the United States. Shahid is a star athlete at Enright, and there is talk that Harvard Business School wants him.

With his success, Shahid persuades his parents to let the oldest of their daughters come to Massachusetts to study medicine. Afia, 19, is doing just as well at Smith College. It's not to last, however, when a photo of Afia holding hands with an American boy is publicized on the school's website. Khalid sees it and soon everyone in the family knows of the shame she's brought upon her family. Her actions will lead to consequences no one could imagine.

The setting is extremely familiar to me. I loved how the author made the area come to life, and in that setting were characters you could not help but bond with. There is definitely a clash of cultures, and that played a huge part in this story. It can seem unbearable to read, but this is truly how girls/women are taught to behave in many countries. While it can seem maddening, be thankful you don't live in a country where arranged marriages, keeping covered, and not having any intimacy with another male until you are married are expected behaviors.

Lucy Ferriss's novel ended up being a powerful look at the two cultures and definitely impacted the emotions. I recommend it to anyone who likes romance, general fiction, and even world events.


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